#012 Tuesday

hi pals,

it’s 9:00p in washington, d.c. as i begin to write this note to you. at the moment, biden has taken virgina, north carolina, and arkansas. biden, bernie, and bloomberg are fighting over texas — and, well. whenever you read this you’ll probably have more results than i have so i guess i’ll just leave it at that.

today was a day. in the grand scheme of things, a very regular day. it’s only when you zoom in do we understand the massive impact of today. with each step back, it becomes smaller, more regular: a tuesday. a simple tuesday.

i slept in this morning — like, 7a, but that’s still sleeping in. i begrudgingly got out of my bed. the first thing i do when i wake up is breathe. i know that sounds stupid but if you sit with it for a minute, you’ll start to understand its impact. then i pray — not always to god, just something bigger than me. throughout the morning i wrote and did meetings.

this, of course, is not how my day was supposed to go. if i was in el paso, i would have woke up at 5a to catch the morning news. the first thing i would have done is scooted up to district coffee and have a laugh with sebastian. he’d have wished me luck. this is the kind of person sebastian is. el paso nice. with my coffee, i would have walked through downtown and to the border which is where beto o’rourke’s headquarters were. maybe i wouldn’t be doing any of this. maybe something would have gone wrong and forced me to drink the really bad coffee — oh boy — ok this should have been reserved for a footnote but fuck it i’m going rogue ok so there was this thing in beto hq where the person (me) who made the coffee often wouldn’t be able to get a cup and that’s because of a thing i called: coffee bandits, you know, the people who pause the coffee machine that you (me) started to pour themselves a cup so while you (me) are patiently waiting for (especially patient when you considered we never had cream) a cup of coffee and rarely sugar then you’d (me) would have to make another pot ok i’m done with this i need to stop this sentence ahhhhh.

ok, regroup. i would have drank coffee. i’d be glued to slack. i’d be making merch and doing a crazy website update. the long and short here is i’d still be operating plan a.

and this is the big thing: when/if you (me) lose a campaign, every decision you (me) make after is plan b. still! i have to admit, i have a pretty great plan b. i’m spending the night with my friends at the office and that’s something i’m thankful of.

pause: joe biden has just won tennessee.

ok, where was i? right shit —

another pause: oklahoma for biden, too.

alright! i’m back in the game. look, folks. this might not be my most coherent newsletter ever written but there’s a little golden nugget of truth that i’d like to leave for you: this isn’t plan a.

in the last week, pete, amy, and tom have dropped. truthfully, mike bloomberg should drop out but i guess this is what happens when you try to buy america. warren! i’m… so… fucking… sorry. in time, there will be books about how we got here but at this moment, i’m not sure.

and then there were two: joe, bernie. as of this moment, it’s not looking great for bernie. joementum is looking pretty good — i’m pretty darn happy about joe! but i also understand how much this might be hurting for my bernie and warren friends. i have no intention to tell you how to vote or to tell you what to think but i do know this: i’m not screaming at a coffee bandit right now and i can’t tell you how much that hurts.

pause: bloomberg campaign has just issued a statement that doesn’t say he’s dropping out but also doesn’t not say he’s not.

tomorrow, we wake up. the sun will rise. ok, i have to go. a dog wants to be pet.

it’s 9:26p in washington, d.c.

talk soon,