#012 What Does That Mean?

i watched inception again. it had been a long time. it’s very good? i think, when it came out, there was this conversation about intellectuality that sort of skewed the film from just being a good piece of art. but it really is. very into lucid dreaming now. though i’m not that great at it, i did have this moment the other night where i realized i was dreaming and that i had meshed two situations: first, folks from my high school were all together and smiling, enjoying each other’s presence. the other? here’s where it gets odd. we were on the titanic. i know, dude. what does that mean?


  1. wow dude, pretty large internet discourse about substack since the last time i used this thing. are we good now?

  2. i haven’t written in this thing since right before i joined the biden campaign and, not to spoil the ending for you, but we won.

  3. been binging “girls” for the first time ever. i’m pretty sure ray is the moral compass of this show?

  4. jenny offill, you are very good. weather was a delight to read.

  5. every time my heart beats, i pay attention. every time.

talk soon,

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